Flyers A4


Print 1 or 2 side full colour
Glossy art paper 100gsm

This price is included with design, print, finishing & post

Contact us for other specifications.

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1 Side, 2 Side


300pcs – RM150, 500pcs – RM200, 1000pcs – RM250, 2000pcs – RM300, 4000pcs – RM450, 5000pcs – RM550, 8000pcs – RM800, 10000pcs – RM900, 300pcs – RM250, 500pcs – RM270, 1000pcs – RM300, 2000pcs – RM450, 4000pcs – RM550, 5000pcs – RM650, 8000pcs – RM900, 10000pcs – RM1000


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