Signboard Poly Biasa


Contoh Kiraan :

Size 15 x 4 kaki = 60 kaki

60 kaki x RM25 = RM1500

** Cas Pemasangan berasingan mengikut jarak, tempat & kesukaran.

** Tingkat atas extra RM500

This price is included with design, print, finishing.

Contact us for other specifications.

Any info/complaints/problems, please contact or visit:
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10kaki = RM50/kaki, 20kaki = RM45/kaki, 30kaki = RM40/kaki, 40kaki = RM35/kaki, 50kaki = RM30/kaki, 60kaki = RM28/kaki, 70kaki = RM25/kaki, 80kaki = RM23/kaki


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